MassMine is a social media mining and archiving application that simplifies the process of collecting and managing large amounts of data across multiple sources. It is designed with the researcher in mind, providing a flexible framework for tackling individualized research needs. MassMine is designed to run both on personal computers and dedicated servers/clusters. MassMine handles credential authorizations, rate limiting, data acquisition & archiving, as well as customized data export and analysis.

With MassMine You Can:

A Tool For Conducting And Teaching About Research

If you present or publish work that uses MassMine, please cite this website:

Van Horn, N. M. & Beveridge, A. (2014). MassMine: Your Access To Data.

MassMine is currently being used for research and as a pedagogical tool at The Ohio State University, the University of Florida, Capital University, and Clemson University. See the About page for more information. Recent conference presentations involving MassMine include:

Beveridge, A. & Van Horn, N. M. (2015) Writing eScience: Using Data Science Tools to Study Networked Writing Ecologies. College, Conference on Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL (March 2015)

Beveridge, A., & Van Horn, N. M. (2014). Humanities Software Development: Data Mining and Writing Studies. The humanities and technology camp (THATCamp) conference.

Installation and Usage

MassMine can be installed and used free of charge. Downloadable files and installation instructions are available here


Questions, comments, and bug reports should be directed at the MassMine issue tracker, and feature requests at the pull request page.