Getting Started

This page provides an overview of resources and tutorials for new MassMine users. MassMine is a command line software, and users who are not familiar with a terminal interface should consider completing the command line tutorial offered below. There are also tutorials below for installing MassMine, authenticating your Twitter account for data collection, and for learning how to collect data with MassMine.

Learn how to use the Command line

If MassMine is the first command line software that you have used, we recommend completing an introductory command line tutorial. The tutorial offered by Code Academy is easy to follow and can be completed in about 30-45 minutes. The main things you need to learn from this (or any other command line tutorial) are how to navigate the directories within your computer (cd), how to copy/move/delete files when necessary (cp, mv, rm), how to list the files in your relative directory (ls), and how to find the current folder you are working within (pwd).

The Code Academy command line tutorial is available here:

MassMine Installation

This video will walk you through installing MassMine for Linux and Mac operating systems.

Twitter Authentication for MassMine

This video will show you how to authenticate MassMine with Twitter so that you can begin collecting data.

Learning to Collect Data with MassMine

This video shows you the basics of collecting data with MassMine.